3 kayas 
The Buddhist tradition talks about a threefold structure of the universe as the 3 Kayas: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya 
and Nirmanakaya, which are three phases of all processes happening in our entire world. These three are connected inseparably and therefore called the Trikaya. The Dharmakaya is the source, where everything is not-manifested potential still. From that source manifestations of lively energies will appear Big Bang-like* within the phase of Sambhogakaya and bring about manifestations of form within the phase of Nirmanakaya. In this graphic the Dharmakaya is depicted symbolically as grey area at the bottom of the graphic, the Sambhogakaya as arrows, the Nirmanakaya as grey dots and space as black dots surrounded by a white area, which extends limitless from the black dots. The black dots of space and the grey dots of form share the same place. In this graphic the black dots are depicted a bit left to show, that space is primary and form follows.

The graphic shows, that communication is happening with the Dharmakaya as the source in the form of 
3Kaya-processes, which bring about the material world (light and body) and our experienced world as well. 
All processes are similar, follow cyclical patterns, but flash with different frequencies. 
Light-processes are flashing Trillions of time per second* and processes of awareness 360 times** in a finger-snap. 
All phenomena arise from the Dharmakaya moment by moment fresh and are all permeated by the wisdom of that 
not-manifested source. Despite the hustle and bustle in the background, we can still experience our world coherently, 
like in a film, in which flashing individual projections convey the experience of uninterrupted movement.

         *Sakyong Mipham, The SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLE page 144  "The BIG BANG of our consciousness is happening at this very instant."                          **Sakyong Mipham, RULING YOUR WORLD page 54              

Sakyong Mipham from his book:   THE SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLE (page 50)
"In Shambhala, goodness is not only communication between humans; it is also communication with the elements 
and all living beings. This is known as drala, the natural communication that is always happening in our environment. 
The tides changing, the birds singing, and people kissing are living signs of the innate wish to communicate that percolates in all relationship. It is this warmth that binds us. The dance between the elements and our perceptions is 
a dance between the masculine and feminine principles: Our senses are always engaging with our environment. 
This, too, is enlightened society - the pure, clean communication of the living world."

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